Subject Re: [IBO] Views updatable using Triggers and IBO
Author Marco Lauria
At 10.39 26/11/2001 -0700, you wrote:
> > as I don't want to use stored procedure to process the
> > insertions/updates...
> > if I have to use the stored procedures,
> > I don't need the views,
> > I can use the joins directly on the IB_Query....
> > I think I will customize for me your module
> > deleting the check for the rowsaffected.
>That is all you can do if stored procedure are out of the question. I will
>not make a permanent alteration to IBO just to accommodate a bug in the
>database engine. Perhaps you could make a sub-class of the dataset you are
>using and implement the change in it. If you need a change in the base class
>to do this I will accommodate that.

I am getting crazy, as I haven't encountered the problems with multiple updates
that affected IB....
and now instead I have big troubles for this new "fix" that Claudio introduced.
I think that the right think should to return 1 for both insertion and