Subject Re: [IBO] Howto manually update control when detail dataset changes
Author Lucas Franzen
mirco@... schrieb:

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> The question is: how do I know when the detail dataset requeries?
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Still the answer is: when the row of "Master-Row" changes.

> There is a straight-forward answer to this, which I heard several
> times: do your update whenever the *master* datasource changes the
> row.
> As I said, this seems wrong to me. No, rather ineffective.

I don't see why it's ineffective. Can you point out why you do think it
is so?

> It works yes, but you miss the point that
> 'master dataset scroll' is not equal to 'detail dataset requery'.


When you scroll the master record in a master-detail relationship it is
re-querying the detail query, otherwise you wouldn't see the detail
records for the current master but something else.

> Scrolling the master dataset is *one* event to trigger a requery.
> There are others.

Which ones?

> I am wondering how TIB_Grid does it. It updates whenever the query it
> is attached to requeries and doesn't know anything about other master
> data sources.

> So what is that event that makes the grid refresh all its rows and
> that I would like to hook into to do the same with my special
> visualization?

Maybe the refresh action of the Detail Query will do what you want.

For example if you have "raOpen" then you can trigger the event in the
OnAfterOpen of the Detail-Query.