Subject Re: [IBO] Howto manually update control when detail dataset changes
Oh, er... well I did read the f* manual and also Helen's GSG (yes, it
is good), but neither deals with my question [if I am wrong, then
give me a hint and I apologize]

I still believe there must be an event on the *detail* dataset to
react on. How does TIB_Grid work then? When bound to the detail, it
doesn't know about the master dataset.
Again, it seems wrong to me to react on the master when the actual
event to react on is a requery of the detail. There might be other
events that cause the detail to requery (manual refresh, reconnect
due to user change, ...), so I would have to react on all of those.

My second concern would be: if I do react on the master, then how do
I make sure the detail has done its requery *before* I process its
data in the OnChange method? Or is this ensured implicitly?