Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_ComboBox dropped on a TIB_Grid
> a) If the grid column has a value AND it matches a value in the
combox's Items[], then the matching value will be the currently
displayed text in the editbox portion of the combobox control.
> b) If the grid column has a value which is not matched in Items[],
or is null, the editbox of the combobox control will be empty. You
can drop down the combobox and select an item from the list. Then
the editbox and the grid cell will show the same text.

Correct, this is what I see. Doesn't it seem problematic to you that
the grid does not show values not in the combobox's Items[]? What it
the use of csDropDown then, if I can *enter* any value, but only
*see* those that are in Items[]?
Again, the "odd" thing is that the value does show up for the current