Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_ComboBox dropped on a TIB_Grid
> Cut and paste from the IBO Help:
> This control allows a standard combo box to be bound to a data
> The values of the drop-down list must be supplied by assigning them
> the Items property manually at design-time or run-time.
> The ItemValues property can be used to provide a table of values to
> store in the database instead of the entries listed in the Items
> property.
> >>>>> Note that this property is ignored if the Style is
csDropDown. <<<<<

So what is the point? My combobox is csDropDown, otherwise I cannot
enter values other than in the list. Still, the grid does not show
values in the column (its empty) for
(a) any value if I don't have ItemValues
(b) any value not in the list if I have ItemValues
... so I don't see that the combobox ignored ItemValues...
Item values do properly show up when the combobox is active, but only
for the current cell.

Anyway, none of the settings makes the items appear in the grid
always and no matter if in the list or not. Is this a bug?