Subject Re[2]: [IBO] Firebird 1.0 - RC1 & IBO
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:24 PM 19-11-01 +1100, you wrote:
> > At present, the immediate solution seems to be to restore your
> > database using RC 1 gbak, from a backup that you did with your
> > previous release of gbak (ib 6 or a lower Firebird, as the case may
> > be).
>Firstly, thanks for the possible explanation. I am glad to see that
>they have fixed that problem. However I am curious about this
>suggested solution.
>If the problem and fix only relate to the connection to the database
>(and whether the file is marked exclusive or not), then there should
>not be any difference in the file itself. So backup/restore should
>not make any difference - unless of course those users have corrupt
>databases already, in which case gbak may not help anyway.

Agreed...there is no rationale for working with a restored database file, just that it seems to have worked for some people. Not everyone is getting these problems - it seems possible that those who are getting one message or the other may have "registered" their databases in IBConsole or stored their paths in IB_SQL using the "bad" path strings at some time, and simply not checked them out.

I was surprised to see *any* IBO connections affected, since IBO has been pretty fussy about the bad path strings for quite some time. But I guess there may be still people around using apps built with older versions of IBO that don't spit out the bad path....

There, you see, it isn't really too far off-topic, after all. <g>