Subject OFF-TOPIC :: Re: [IBO] Linux & IB 6
Author Helen Borrie
You can compile Delphi library code into a shared object using Kylix, as long as it doesn't contain Windows-dependent code. BUT...this is off-topic for IBO!

Would you please post it to ib-support or perhaps one of the Kylix newsgroups?

At 01:52 AM 19-11-01 +0000, Rui wrote:
>I'm using IB6 under Windows, and everything is ok. I made some udf's
>and I put the dll file in folder ..\UDF.
>Now, I'm trying to install the IB6 under linux, but I have a problem
>with the dll's.
>The server works fine, but I can't work with databases that uses the
>udf's that I build (in Windows environment), just because I didn't
>have the dll file under linux.
>My problem is to know how can I compile the source code of udf
>library, that was build in Delphi, and create a dynamic library
>compatible to linux.
>There's any away to compile these library, or should I convert these
>library to C language, and after compile these file with gcc
>compiler to linux?

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