Subject OFF-TOPIC ::Re: [IBO] Connecting a Windows Client To Linux Interbase Server
Author Helen Borrie
This getting right off topic for IB Objects, you know.

Have you checked that there is a correct entry in the HOSTS file on the client and in the hosts.equiv file on the server?

It should be sugba (private domain)

(notice the # comment marker)
The node name (Server property in IBO) is case-sensitive on Linux.

It's not clear from your message whether you were able to ping the sugba node from the Windows client. If you get a ping response from
Start | Run | ping sugba, or simply

ping sugba
from the DOS console then the network connection is OK.

If that doesn't work but you do get a response from
then look at the naming in the hosts files.

If ping doesn't work then the IP address might be wrong.

If the pings work OK, look for port 3050 being blocked by firewall software.

If you don't get a solution, try restating your problem (what you tried, the error messages you are seeing) and post to the ib-support list -

Look also at the articles posted by Red Hat users on the ReallyUseful pages of
and the Linux install instructions in the Firebird RC1 release notes at


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