Subject Re: [IBO] Error after IBO upgrade: Database information return buffer was truncated
Author Michael Dawson
On Fri, 16 Nov 2001 11:51:17 +1100, Helen Borrie wrote:
HB> You also have to enter the Username and Password. Read
HB> up on PasswordStorage in the online FAQ.

Thanks, Helen, using my text editor to remove the password out
of the old v3 dfm and then keying the password into the v4
object inspector worked.

I had server, path, user and password in the old IBOv3 dfm, and
could see them quite clearly in my text editor. But, behind the
scenes, IBOv4 picked up everything but the password.
And, after rebooting the client, IB_SQL works without the
error too. Why it produced the same error at the same time is
one of those unsolved mysteries, since it should be independent.

Your help is appreciated, since neither the Release Notes nor
the online FAQ were of help in this situation, and I can now get

One of the things that keeps IBO and InterBase a live candidate
for our future development is that the list communities offer
much better help than we can get from the purely commercial

Michael Dawson