Subject Re: [IBO] Transaction on a Datapump
Author Jason Wharton
Use AutoCommit = true is OK, but I would be sure to use explicit transaction
handling around it so that the AutoCommit behavior is suspended during the
operation so that the whole effect of the datapump's actions can be rolled
back if necessary. Also, you don't want the overhead of an extra API call to
initiate a CommitRetaining for every item that is sent over the wire.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Transaction on a Datapump

> > I'd like to discourage you from using ServerAutoCommit with the
datapump. No
> > concrete reason, it just seems like overkill to force the end of a
> > transaction on the server for each item it processes.
> Just use AutoCommit?
> The target is the local copy of FB/IB and in most cases it
> only copies a few records.
> What would you suggest around this?
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