Subject Re: [IBO] New Features in FB
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:19 PM 12-11-01 +1300, you wrote:
>Where can I find more info (with examples if possible) on new
>features in FB. And how can I look at the help.gdb file that comes
>with FB. The desc is in blob format and IBConsole doesn't displays
>the info in it
There is a draft of the FB 1 release notes here:

I'm currently working on the bits and pieces that surfaced during the latest Beta period. The updated version won't be available in HTML format though, because it's a very large document. A PDF will be available for download from the Firebird site and other places.

As for the help.gdb, I haven't heard of anyone writing a client for it. I guess it's not rocket science to write one yourself with IBO...five minutes' coding to satisfy your curiosity...

In future, would you please post Firebird and InterBase questions to the ib-support or firebird-devel lists? Thanks...


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