Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_LookupCombo to allow selecting
Author Lucas Franzen
mirco@... schrieb:
> OK, pressing DEL seems to work... but it isn't the obvious way of
> selecting <none> for me. It would be more self-explaining for the end
> user if there was an 'empty' line in the combobox-list that he could
> select.
> Any ideas how to accomplish this?

The lookupCombo gives you the possibility to lookup (parts of) a table.
Since there is no <none> entry it won't show one.

I don't think it's too hard for the users to learn that pressing DEL
will remove the lookup-entry.

If you really need it, there ar some posibilities:

You can use a TIBCombo_Box and fill the Items and ItemValues from your
Lookuptable (you'll have to do this manually, though) and Insert a
<none> entry at the first position


Or set a button next to the LookupCombo and let it Clear the selection
on <button>-click.


add a <none> enry to your lookup table.


go ahead (if you've got the sources) and try if you can implement a
property that will allow to show a <none> entry in the first place.