Subject Re: [IBO] Parameter mismatch preparing TIBOStoredProc?? Bug??
Author G. Allen Casteran
At 12:19 AM 11/9/2001 +1100, you wrote:
> > Question 2: If I am passing an Int64 variable to this parameter,
> > how should I do it? There is no .AsInt64 or .AsLargeInt on the
> > Param object. The Param is a NUMERIC(10) to match the Keycol
> > which is set by a generator, hence the Int64 datatype.
>Did you see Jason's previous posting...
>"Borland's TParams cannot properly handle an INT64 param I believe is the
>root of the problem.
>Use the native IBO component instead."
>I suggest this is the answer to both the questions/problems. Is there
>any reason why you must use TIBOStoredProc? TIB_StoredProc is the
>native version and will not have this problem.
>Geoff Worboys
>Telesis Computing

After some testing and Jason's explanation that we are now using the