Subject Re: [IBO] Endless loop in GetFinalResult
Author Geoff Worboys
> I have feared, that you say this :-) The problem is, I
> can't reproduce it. I have already a test-app, but there
> works the locate-method correctly. But in my main-app,
> I get alway in the endless loop and since hours I try
> to find the error, but no luck. Therefore I thought
> someone could explain me, what happens in the
> GetFinalResult-procedure, so that I get an idea where
> the error could be. One further detail, this only happens,
> when the dataset is ordered by the lastname. When it
> is ordered by another column, all works fine.


Could this be a character set issue? That is; Does your test-app use
the same character set and collation as the main-app? This could
explain the difficulty in reproducing the problem, and it seems to me
that it could also explain the error itself. If this is the case you
may need identical data in the test-app to see the same problem.

(Some of you are probably thinking I have character sets on the brain,
but I just seem to be hitting a lot of it lately :-)

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing