Subject Re: [IBO] How set default to blank string?
Author Ed Malloy

I usually use 'n/a', 'not entered' or something similar as my default value or
text strings. There are a number of pitfalls on relying on NULL, both
theoretical and actual.

I dont know whether IBO allows you to use DEFAULT values, but it should



"G. Allen Casteran" wrote:
> Ihave column defined as VARCHAR(30) DEFAULT '' (CHECK VALUE IS NOT NULL).
> IBO tries to Insert a NULL for fields where the
> user did not make an entry on my entry form. That causes the check
> constraint to fail, since InterBase is not using the default.
> Therefore what is the best way to set the default values of an empty string
> if I am using a TIBOQuery?
> Thanks,
> Allen.
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