Subject Re: [IBO] TBlobField problem
Author Tilo Muetze
""Andreas Pohl"" <apohl@...> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> This is working for me.=20
> PICTField: TIB_ColumnBlob;
> Image1: TImage;

Thanks Andreas but could give me some more assistance :)

I have made:
PICTField := TIB_ColumnBlob(ibqryPicture.FieldByName('PICTURE'));
but then this line fails on runtime:
PICTField.Assign( JI1 ); // you have named it J1 and I've changed it to JI1
because I can't find a refernce to J1
with the message
'Feld PICTURE kann nicht als Typ Float angesprochen werden' (sorry for the
german message but I can't find a good translation :)

BTW: As my example looks a little bitmore generic: Do you have any idea why
my original code fails?

Tilo Muetze