Subject Re: [IBO] Locate and the POS-attribute
Author Richard Saeger
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Andreas Pohl" <apohl@i...> wrote:
> Richard,
> as an registred user of IBO you have to right to look into all
sources of IBO. So there is now problem to know how Jason solved a
problem. But why he should explain all basics for free. IBO is an
Interbase tool. So most of this topics are Interbase related and you
can't understand IBO solutions without knowing Interbase stuff.
> If you don't want to pay Jason you can get ( commercial ) support
from "Better Office" here in Germany.

It is not a question of support, it is a question of new functions
and their parameters. They should be explained, otherwise they are

BTW, in this case I'd expected an answer from Jason, not from you.