Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Grid Ctrl-Click to select not working right
Author Jason Wharton
> Hello
> I have a grid where I allow the user to use Ctrl-Click
> to select the several of the displayed rows. Then they
> hit a button which moves those rows into a different
> Quote.
> The problem is that if there is a small number of rows
> displayed in the grid this works fine. However if the
> there are several(say 40+) when the user scrolls down
> to select rows lower in the result set, they are not
> able to select them.
> I think this use to work but I am not sure, since it
> could be that the users just didn't do this with this
> size result set before.
> Below is the properties of the related components.

The way you put this problem helps me to understand that this is most likely
a result of the changes in the grid since IBO 4.
I believe I will be able to figure out how to resolve this. I will need to
include the information on the TopRow along with the mark on the original
selection. This way, instead of basing the range on the actual grid row it
will be attached to the data row.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ