Subject Re: [IBO] Transaction question
Author Nico Callewaert
Hello Geoff,

Thanks a lot for your answer. Most of the time : it's only 1 record, or a
few, but the user let's the form on his window for the whole day : that
means the transaction is running the whole day. I've downloaded the
tutorials already, but the question about it remained.

Thanks a lot,

nico Callewaert

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Transaction question

> > I've read the help file and I saw that a physical
> > transaction should be kept as short as possible. Then
> > I've read that a physical transaction is started when a
> > query is prepared. I'm using a query component with
> > CommitAction set to caInvalidateCursor. I was using
> > IB_Transaction.Commit to end the physical transaction.
> > But when I check the started property, it stays True, so
> > that means that the physical transaction is not ended.
> > So, that can be a problem for application running the
> > whole day. Or am I missing something ?
> Not having used caInvalidateCursor myself, I had to look it up.
> According to the transaction tutorial TI (from the IBO website)...
> "caInvalidateCursor - keep all datasets open but invalidate any
> cursors that have unfetched rows on the server. After the transaction
> ends, the open dataset will establish a new cursor by refreshing. This
> is the default action for the TDataset-based components."
> To me this indicates that a new transaction will be started in order
> to refresh the new cursor. What do you want to happen? What size of
> dataset is it (lots of records, only a few)? Try downloading the
> transaction TIs from the website, they may help explain what you need.
> Also, there is a Status dialog which you can use to monitor OAT in
> your application. Take advantage of the automation that IBO does for
> you (again read the tutorial info).
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