Subject Re: IB_xxxxBar ReceiveFocus/DataSource design time bug
Author Marco Menardi
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> Sorry for a delayed response.
> I have not had dealings with this part of IBO for at least 4 years
> In my opinion, setting the DataSource property shouldn't
> change the ReceiveFocus property to false.

In mine, it should, and this is true for iboBARS too. The two peoperty
are mutually exclusive, since the ib_action or the ibobar can only be
in two possible states:
- they are firmly chained to a datasource
- they have to follow the datasource that has the focus
In fact, if you assign a datasource to a iboBar or IB_Action and then
turn True the ReceiveFocus property, both clear the datasource
The problem is that the opposit is not done, so you set the
ReceiveFocus property to true and then set the datasource,
ReceiveFocus stays true!
So you can have datasource assigned and ReceiveFocus true... what will
the iboBar/IB_Action do? Messing thing without logical and pratical
Don't you agree? If not, why?
I've tried to trace the source looking for the responsible of this
behaviour, but withou success :(
So, if you have written the iboBars code, tell me where this behaviour
is implemented, since I'm sure it's the same place as for IB_Action.
If not, please tell me who was the autor (why his name is not in the
source) and how can I contact him.
Thanks Jason
(and thanks for having included IB_Currency in IBO. I just think that
the icon position should be different: now we have in IB_VisualReg:
what is the logic?
I think it would be better something from generi to specific:
TIB_Edit, // generic
TIB_DateTimePicker, // handles date+time
TIB_Date, // handles ONLY date
TIB_Currency, // handles currency

> I have no idea why the xxxxAction components are not doing something
> particular. They were donated and I don't use them so I am not as
> with these components. If you would please jump in the sources and
have a
> look I'd appreciate it.
I'm very proud you usually appreciate my work and include it to IBO,
so I always have a look to the code and then I ask you only if I don't
understand WHY you choose that way or because (I'm just a *begginer*
IBO lover ;) I can't find where/how to fix it.
The "TAction" part should be ok since it's coming from VCL, and the
IBO part is too complex for my possibility. Anyway, if you have more
urgent problems where concentrate (and I'm sure you have) it's ok :)
Thank for your attention
Marco Menardi
btw, as usual, forgive my poor english and "rought" tone, it's just a
matter of difficoult in translating