Subject Re: [IBO] POS attribute
I have done a test. Without the POS-attribute the locate takes 6 sec and with
the POS-attribute 6 sec, as well. Have I missed something or exist another way
to speed up the locate-method ?
BTW, for what is the ITEM-attribute ?


Jason Wharton wrote:

> > Can you please tell me, how to use the POS-attribute to speed up the
> > locate-method. Or tell me, where in the help is anything written about it.
> If you are aware of it, that's about all you need to know. What is said of
> the horizontal dataset refinement behavior tells you everything else you
> need to know.
> You simply add it as an attribute to your ordering links entries.
> I recommend that you always use POS=0 which simply turns the feature on. You
> can go greater than zero if you want refinement to occur on an nth character
> when incremental searching. This is the only other area where a POS greater
> than 0 should be considered.
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