Subject Re: [IBO] DisplayFormat
Author Jason Wharton
> (unique = just one field)
> What I want to do is give the possibility to the user to change the
DisplayFormat property.
> I'm using TIBOQuery in a Quantum Grid.
> The query was build in RunTime by the user.
> I'm abble to get the current format reading . And I'm abble to change it,
but changing it just works after I close & reopen the query.
> Imagine that this is a Date Field and I've defined FieldName=yyyy-mm-dd in
FieldsDisplayFormat. I want my users to be abble to change it to
'dd-mm-yyyy' at run time, changing the way the data is displayed on the
> Artur

Why not do this?


It is not recommended that the InternalDataset property get used, except for
when it is absolutely necessary.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ