Subject Re: [IBO] Non-db-aware DatePick ?
Author Jason Wharton
I'm a bit lost myself. I am pretty certain that you can use the TIB_Date
control in an unbound situation.
I think there might be a property you need to set but I'm not sure. Just
being unbound might be enough.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Non-db-aware DatePick ?

I have tried to find the problem but I couldn´t do it. :(
I have traced the code through IBC_Date.IMP, TIB_CustomDate and TIB_CustomE=

here are some of my findings
The procedure TIB_CustomEdit.Change is also called twice
TIB_CustomDate.KeyPress is only called once
The call stack looks like this


am I right that TIB_CustomDate.WndProc calls TIB_CustomEdit.Change ?
but I don´t understand the process of the this WndProc procedures and there=
(the Message.Msg numbers are 48401, 45111, ...)
Where can I find information what these messages mean.
Can somebody help me? I am not very familar with these components things.


>I suggest you get in under the hood and find out what the problems are.
>See IBC_Date.IMP.

>>I used the OnChange event and in the event-procedure IB_Date.text has str=
ange values. In addition to >>that the OnChange event is always called
e if I press a number key to change the date (not if I >>click the open
endar). This is also true for the bound control.
>>to explain the strange values look at this onChange proc
>>procedure TForm1.DateTimeChange(Sender: TObject);
>>Showmessage('.Text='+dtp.Text+' .Edittext='+dtp.EditText)
>>my Dateformat is
>>if I change 27.11.2001 to 26.11.2001 (overwrite the 7)
>>2 messageboxes appear
>>1st: .Text=2..1..001 .Edittext=2.11.2001
>>2nd: .Text=26.11.2001 .Edittext=26.11.2001
>>the second time OnChange is called everything is fine