Subject Re: [IBO] Non-db-aware DatePick ?
thanks for your answer !
I have tried the unbound TIB_Date control but now I have 2 problems.

I used the OnChange event and in the event-procedure IB_Date.text has stran=
ge values. In addition to that the OnChange event is always called twice if =
I press a key to change the date (not if I click the open calendar). This is=
also true for the bound control.

to explain the strange values look at this onChange proc
procedure TForm1.DateTimeChange(Sender: TObject);
Showmessage('.Text='+dtp.Text+' .Edittext='+dtp.EditText)

my Dateformat is
if I change 27.11.2001 to 26.11.2001 (overwrite the 7)
2 messageboxes appear
1st: .Text=2..1..001 .Edittext=2.11.2001
2nd: .Text=26.11.2001 .Edittext=26.11.2001

the second time OnChange is called everything is fine

I have to change all to StrToDate(IB_Date.text)
(perhaps I add a property .date to TIB_Date)

to Spou:
I know the RXLib but I want don´t want to mix different db-aware and non-db=
-aware DatePick controls

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> I can't remember exactly how it is done but I believe you can use the
> TIB_Date control when it is unbound.
> Jason Wharton
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> Subject: [IBO] Non-db-aware DatePick ?
> I like the TIB_Date control more than TIB_DateTimePicker but I need a non=
> b-aware control also. I don´t want to mix TIB_Date and TDateTimePicker. T=
> =
> TDatePick is nice but it should look like TIB_Date (like a combobox).
> thanks
> Oliver