Subject Re: [IBO] New sub-release posted
Author Sergey Kanovka
Hi Jason,

I get AV on every form with IB_Grid I try to open in run-time at line
4451 in IB_Grid.pas unit:

if NewWidth < GridFields[ StretchColNum ].DefaultWidth * 2 div 3 then

I rebuilt lib and project with new patch.

Call stack:

TIB_CustomGrid.WMSize((5, 0, 530, 222, 0))

Friday, October 26, 2001, 5:31:28 AM, you wrote:

Jason Wharton> I have now posted a new and well tested sub-release.
Jason Wharton> I didn't do a full base release as I would liked to of because I still need
Jason Wharton> to fix a couple of things first.