Subject Re: [IBO] What's the deal
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
""Don Gollahon"" <dlgllhn@...> wrote in message
> I just signed up for this listserver again after being gone for 3 months
> it still downloads at least 2 of every message out there. Is there anyway
> to stop this?

Maybe yahoo mangled something.

> Also, is there anyway to use this as a newsgroup? I can read the
> (at atkins) but cannot send anything to it? Do I have to be a member of
> listserver to send email to it?

Be a member of the list.
Set your list preferences to NO EMAIL. Then you receive nothing.
Use the NG to read and post. The NG is chained to the list in a way that you
can't post if you aren't a member. I think it was done to reduce spamming.

(I'm posting this through the NG.)

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