Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery, NUMERIC(15,4), BCD field, Invalid point operation...?
> I haven't seen this problem so there is something unique about your
> situation I think I need to see.
> What number are you trying to store in it?
> Jason Wharton

Thanks, for your prompt answer, i digged the problem a little more
and found out the following:

We Tested the same database using TIB_Query and respective components
and i'am able to store a very huge number, then on the same form i
tried (isolating from my app) the TIBOQuery with respective standard
DB components and every time i try to edit a value with 8 digits it
blows, it accepts 7 digit values, but not higher than that, i
commented the _TrimExt() call and its working. But since i can't
figure it out i would appreciate your help, i haven´t tried on a new
database, but i will try to assemble a demo with the problem if you
would like to see.

Thanks one more time,
Manuel Tróia