Subject Re: [IBO] OnBorderClick
I have seen, that the IB_LocateEdit only doesn't work on text-fields. Are there some changes to the IB_LocateEdit in IBO4, I
should know ?


guido.klapperich@... wrote:

> I have seen, the IB_Grid.OnBorderClick-event has changed. The
> Row-Parameter doesn't behave like in IBO3. Now it is the value of the
> Grid-Row and not of the Dataset-Row. For example, my Grid displays 30
> rows and my current row-number of the dataset is 1000 and I click on the
> Grid-Border in the last row, then the ARow-Parameter of the
> OnBorderClick-Event has the value 30 and NOT 1000, as expected and as it
> was in IBO3. But I need the RowNo, any ideas ?
> Guido
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