Subject RE: [IBO] can IBObjects help with identifying where an IB script fails ?
Author Mark Meyer
> One thing I've been wanting to do is also make it so that I
> can execute a
> script with a TStream as the input so that the entire script
> doesn't have to
> reside in virtual memory while it is being executed.

hmmm...(the following is totally shooting from the hip)

i suppose you could build a container object that would own several little
SQL statement objects. then you could build the collection and stream the
whole thing to a persistent file.

then just build a mechanism that would load be able to open up the file /
container object and index to each of the SQL statement objects and then
submit each of them to your API.

i could take a whack at it..

ironically - the script that i am producing is coming from a hierarchial
container object that i use to collect the data from oracle. each of the
different object in the container has (among other things) an InserSQL
property, UpdateSQL property and so on. then i built a TIterator object
that knows how to iterate the hierarchy. to dump everything out - i just to


the object has an event handler for each level in the hierarchy. this is
where you can selectively capture the sql at every level.

until you mentioned it - i never thought about streaming the hierarchial
object container. i should probably do this too.


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