Subject RE: [IBO] can IBObjects help with identifying where an IB script fails ?
Author Mark Meyer
> I've heard that using my TIB_Script component handled large
> scripts where
> ISQL failed.
> I suggest you write a simple IBO program and see if it works for you.
> If it still fails, you can turn on logging and use text
> searching to locate
> where in the script it failed to the exact statement.

hello jason ..

thx for the reply..

1) does this mean that i would be writing a delphi app that used the
TIB_Script object to execute the SQL?

2) would using the TIB_Script object/component inside of Delphi be faster
than running the script in the native ISQL or WISQL utility?

3) are there any other advantages to using the TIB_Script object besides the
logging facility?

4) would using the TIB_Script object/component inside of a delphi app be
faster than say - me parsing the SQL statements from the script file and
firing them myself by way of a TQuery?

thx again jason for any observations or info

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