Subject Re: [IBO] Disappearing grids: Only if ListBoxStyle = true
Author Geoff Worboys
Jason and Mario,

Just an observation - this is very similar to the disabled grid
situation that I was playing with. You sent me the demo project from
Marco Menardi, which was Delphi5 - in that situation calling SetFocus
from within the FormCreate handler causes ib_grid (with
ListBoxStyle=true) to be initially disabled (using the forms
ActiveControl property made it possible to avoid the problem).

I did not manage to find a resolution to the actual problem at the
time but I did discover that it appears to be related to the
(just like the disappearing grid stuff). When I make the grid really
small - to force a horizontal scrollbar to appear even though
ListBoxStyle is true - then the problem goes away.

Mario, can you say whether this is true in your disappearing grid
situation as well? That is; Make sure the grid as two or more
columns and then size the grid to very small so that it is forced to
have horizontal scrollbars. In this situation does the grid appear as
it should?

I just think that the info may be useful in trying to track down the

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing