Subject Re: [IBO] Disappearing grids: Only if ListBoxStyle = true
Author Mario Zimmermann

I'm very afraid the problem still exists. I cannot see any difference
within my test application.

At application startup, the grid is not visible. Switching to
TabSheet2 and back to TabSheet1 makes the grid appear.

Here is what I've done:

1. Completely deinstalled IBO and removed all files IBO*
2. Unzipped
3. Unzipped into the same directory
4. Unzipped into the same directory
5. Recompiled and installed everything
6. Recompiled my test application

I didn't install from your download site (is that

My test application consists of only 1 form and 1 unit file (2 lines
of code). Don't you really want it?

Sorry for this negative reply.