Subject RE: [IBO] Threaded transaction not advancing - Additional Detail
Author Bill Morrison
Thanks for that detailed explanation. It happily came right as I was
composing an e-mail stating that closing the cursors failed to release the
OAT :)

The method for 3.6 was TIB_Connection.CloseTransactions, and it was the
transaction in the schema cache that was staying open.

Thanks again for your detailed assistance in this matter.

Bill M

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Threaded transaction not advancing - Additional


> I didn't realize that an open cursor would keep an open transaction
> regardless of explicit commits of it's transaction.

An explicit Commit will override any open cursors. They should be forced to
be closed if you call the Commit method of their transaction.

I think you are getting hung up by the transaction in the schema cache.
Please read carefully the additional clarifications I sent a minute or two

Jason Wharton
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