Subject RE: [IBO] Firebird and IBX
Author Joseph Alba

My first choice when in comes to Interbase is IBO. If you note, I added
that with IBX + MIDAS, there is a danger that so many applications out
there are secretly languishing from long transactions if they just took
the word of Borland regarding IBX+MIDAS. I verified the claims and found
that in fact, with embedded child datasets, the transactions are not
committed. More amazing is, these fixes were quite easily fixed by me
(around 20 minutes) and yet, Borland has not detected and much less
corrected this very crucial fix - with Delphi 5. You and I know what
happens to client/server databases with long-running transactions (not
only Interbase).

If you note, I added that this would not happen with IBO+MIDAS because
in fact, IBO can auto-manage Transactions, and in so doing, overcome the
crucial MIDAS bug. And your personal support is a lot more reassuring.
I've been posting my notice and fixes in the Interbase (mers), and the
reply has always been, Borland will not issue official fixes for Delphi
5. Also, I asked if I could send the fixed files to those who asked me
(or post the fixed files somewhere), and the reply was, I can't. So,
those who want to fix their files should hand fix it themselves.

So, IBO with or without MIDAS in my opinion is really better. But the
job specifications for the system(s) I have to do specifies IBX and
MIDAS because the management reasoned out that all that's needed in this
is the TIBQuery.

With this IBX + MIDAS and embedded child datasets (in Delphi 5), I can
say that this is a pretty lethal combination which could explode in the
face of unwary developers. Effects can range from uncommitted
applyupdates, and the worse is SLOOOWING down databases or even
corruption which result from many data entry clients unknowningly having
long running transactions (which could not happen with IBO's advanced
transaction management.).

Fortunately for me, I have long since learned not to take Borland at its
word and verified whether indeed transactions are committed and with
child datasets, transactions are not committed (to my shock and

It took me around 20 minutes to find the three simple culprits and issue
my personal bug fixes.

And after issuing these, my system is doing quite well.

In short, what I meant was:

IBO = very good and reliable.
IBO + MIDAS - very good and reliable.

IBX + MIDAS (Delphi 5 with child datasets embedded) - very lethal and
unreliable combination because this actually means long running and even
uncommitted transactions.

IBX + MIDAS (Delphi 5 with child datasets embedded) + Miser bug fixes +
Joseph Alba's bug fixes - nice enough.

But in this, IBX is not at fault. The bugs are in DBCLient, Provider and
DB.pas files.

Given the original situation of IBX, I think it is also fair to say that
Jeff has done a good job in fixing IBX. Pound for pound, IBO is miles
away from IBX, but at least, Jeff was able to make something which can
actually be used.

Also, though my remark about Visual Basic sounded a bit tongue in the
check to Helen, I meant it a bit seriously. I've been doing more and
more Visual Studio these days, and it is a fact that there is a lot more
Visual Basic developers compared to Delphi. So, if IBO can be
COM-wrapped and made ActiveX, it could mean opening a previously closed
audience. (And look ma... No Borland which kicked Jason aside -
prefering more inferior products even as Jason offered his own component
set for consideration).

I really am a Borland lover. But I realized it is a bit wise for me to
have one and a half feet on the other boat. In my opinion, an ActiveX
IBO would open millions of previously closed doors to Firebird.

Joseph Alba

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> In my case, I was pretty much forced to use IBX + MIDAS by the job
> requirements. MIDAS + IBX bit me with long running transactions...

What makes you think you cannot use IBO + MIDAS?
I do support this combination as well.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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