Subject Re: [IBO] Firebird and IBX was: Migrating BDE/MIDAS applicaiton to IBObjects and MIDAS
Author Ed Malloy
Thanks Sean,

I am happy to see that Firebird's future is being planned more realistically than some people seem to think.


Sean Leyne wrote:

> Jason,
> As a member of the Firebird Admin group, I must respond to the comment you
> have made:
> > I highly doubt the
> > people working on Firebird care much about IBX. A lot of them don't even
> use
> > Borland dev tools, let alone IBX.
> Nothing could be further from the truth.
> There are a lot of Firebird project members/followers which use Borland
> tools. The reality is that most Firebird users, only know about it through
> their use of Interbase and the Borland tools. Accordingly, support for
> Firebird by those tools is very important to us.
> At the moment, there are only minor issues of IBX support for Firebird -- in
> the Admin components. So, the status quo is 'acceptable'. The IBX/Firebird
> situation will change in the future, as both Firebird and IBX
> updates/changes. When that time comes, obviously their will be much
> discussion about the direction to take.
> By the same token, we would welcome anyone who would like to port and
> maintain any Borland data-access component to support Firebird.
> Sean
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