Subject Re: [IBO] IBO Tools
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:51 AM 22-10-01 +0000, brankob2001@... wrote:
>Does IBO Tools require IBO Native Data Access or
>it works with IBO TDataSet also (is subscription
>for IBO TDataSet enough)

There is no "activation code" - it is a trust system (hence "Trustware"!) There is a "nag" message on unregistered data access components but you will be OK as long as you don't overwrite your registered components.

So evaluate everything and, when you are ready, just subscribe for the pieces you need.

As for the tools, certain ones might need native data access but most would connect to the embedded native components, e.g. TIB_Monitor/TIB_MonitorDialog will attach automatically to the IB_Connection embedded in TIBODatabase...


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