Subject Re: [IBO] IBO_Connection.PasswordStorage and IBO_Connection.Password.Remenbered
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:44 PM 19-10-01 +0000, zahn@... wrote:
>I changed from IBO4 evaluation to IBO4 registrated.
>In IBO4 evaluation I had the Connection-property PasswordStorage with
>several types of TIB_PasswordStorage.
>Now I have only the boolean Connection-property PasswordRemembered
>Why is the better property PasswordStorage gone? Where is my mistake?

Whatever you have there, if it is showing PasswordRemembered, it is not the IBO4 full release IB_Connection! PasswordRemembered disappeared well before the release.

Will you please drop a TIB_Connection (or TIBODatabase or TIB_Database, if you are using one of those instead) onto a form and read the Version property.


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