Subject Re: [IBO] Moving BDE to direct IB connection, still connects via BDE?
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:15 AM 08-10-01 -0700, Chuck Belanger wrote:
>Been working on a utility to access an IB database in which I started
>with a BDE connection but now want to make it a direct IB connection.
>I'm using IB_connection, IBOQuery (Tww components used). I had a BDE
>alias IBLocal that I used, but after blanking that out in the
>Connection, then setting an explicit path for databasename,

Try just deleting the IB_Connection.
Then replace it with a TIBODatabase. (Hybrid apps are quite possible, but at this early stage, stick with homogeneity!)

With the IBODatabase do:

Set the Path property to the physical path of the database as seen on the server, e.g.


If your app is on a remote client, set the Server property and set the Protocol to cpTCP_IP; if not, leave Server blank and select cpLocal for your Protocol (for now).

The complete path will appear in the DatabaseName property. Change this to something simple and friendly (optional, but more elegant).

If you like, change the Name property from IBODatabase1 to something friendly, e.g. MyDB.

>when loading
>the program, it still says IBLocal and wants a login (even though I
>specifically enter user and password in the connection).

OK, now go to the PasswordStorage property and change it to psNotSecure.
Fill in the Username and Password properties.

>Why is it still using the BDE? What do I need to do to get it to connect
>directly to IB?

It may or may not be still using the BDE. Check out all your units and make sure the dbtables unit is not in any uses clauses. But maybe that Alias is sitting around in a DFM. If you delete the IB_Connection, it won't survive.

Go around your datasets and set their DatabaseName property - don't guess and type, but drop down the list and select it.

In IBO you will need connection code in your FormCreate, e.g.

if not MyDB.Connected then
If you want the datasets active when the form opens, also open them after that.


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