Subject Re: [IBO] Editing a JOIN - Andreas
In the AfterOpen event of the query, switch off the ReadOnly of the
joined fields. They then become editable in VCL controls. However,
you have to stop the query from trying to post these fields, or it
will give an error 'writing to read-only field'. Do this either by
writing explicit EditSQL etc, or by making the fields readonly again
(in code) before posting. You can post the values of the joined
fields to their respective tables using update-queries in the
BeforePost event of the main query.

This may be a bit unconventional, and it's a dog to maintain, and may
be disapproved of and unsupported in future versions, but it works.

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> Dion,
> no, it isn't possible. Inline selects are read/only. So if you want
to edit joined fields, you have to use joins and EditSQL stuff etc.
But my target was to avoid that.
> Mit freundlichem Gruss & Best Regards
> Andreas Pohl
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> > Andreas; would it be possible, if the join was displayed in a
grid, to edit
> > the CALLER info, or to even insert a new caller into the CALLER
table from
> > within the grid, instead of having to do this from another place
of input?
> >