Subject Re: [IBO] Posting nulls into NOT NULL fields.
Author Eustachio, Peter Czarnecki

many thanks for your help!

I have understand (I hope) the difference between blanks
and nulls.
For testing I have tried the followings update SQLs for

Update MyTable set MyField = '';

This update is accepted and I have a "null" field.

Update MyTable set Myfield = null;

Only in this case I have the validation error from InterBase and
the update can't be posted. (I have spend so many time for
discover this subtil non-userfriendly difference!).


Peter Czarnecki
Eustachio SA

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> > > If you want a NULL then explicitly set the IsNull property
> > > or call the Clear method of the field.
> >
> > if so, what's the meaning of the BLANK IS NULL property?
> Notice the word "explicitly" which means regardless of the BLANKISNULL
> setting, a NULL will be assigned to the column.
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