Subject Re: [IBO] Another Quick Question - Need Help
Thank you. I will look at it again.


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> >Hi All!
> >
> >I am using a lookup combo linked to a query in the data module.
> >on my formA I have a lookup combo that lets me pick from a field
> >tableB. Now...I want what is selected in the lookup combo to be
> >saved into the formA. There used to be a lookup table (In Delphi
> >using Paradox) property that you used to make all this work.
> >reading the information in the Getting Started Guide and looking
> >through the archives I still can't find the answer.
> >
> >So my quick question is...How do I save to the record the value
> >selected in the lookup combo from another table?
> It REALLY is all in the GSG, Kristin! To get you to where you need
to be, look up Keylinks and Keysource in the index; or do the part
of the LookupCombo demo _preceding_ that last step of embedding the
control in the grid.
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