Subject Re: [IBO] Blob Field on Firebird
Author Walter Araújo Franco
i used the sub_type TEXT from Interbase, and it "yes" it works...

Carlos, i've a form with a TIB_Edit (for DITCODIGO) and a TIB_Memo (for
DITMENSAGEM), sorry, i forgot to say that, if i open this table with
IBConsole, it works fine too.
My Firebird is a "new" instalation, i had IB before, so i did a rpm -e IB...
removed the /opt/interbase directory and after, instaled the Firebird, my
client on rWindows if the same when i worked with IB (i didn't install it
So, what else can you tell me?
txs in advance....
best regards


Walter A. Franco
SysMaker Sistemas
Poços de Caldas - MG
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> > Walter,
> > I don't know whether this is the source of your problem but there is no
> BLOB SUB_TYPE TEXT - you need BLOB SUB_TYPE 1 for text blobs, afaik.
> You can use any sub_type that can be found by this GDML query, where
> "numeric_value" holds the pointer to the output value:
> X.RDB$TYPE_NAME EQ <sub_type_name>
> found = TRUE;
> *numeric_value = X.RDB$TYPE;
> With this artifact, TEXT doesn't need to be a reserved word.
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