Subject Re: [IBO] Appending a record in IBO vs BDE program (Company sample)
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:40 AM 13-10-01 -0700, Chuck Belanger wrote:
>I'm trying to follow the code for inserting/appending a new record in
>the Company sample to see how you do all this and can't see where this
>code is. (i.e. clicking on IB_updatebar '+' button).

Clicking on the '+' button just puts the dataset into dssInsert mode. Underneath, IBO creates an INSERT statement based on what the user types in. If you defined a custom SQL call in the InsertSQL property, IBO uses that instead.

Make sure your dataset's KeyLinks is defined.

If you have the source, you will find this in the implementation code for TIB_Statement and its descendants.

>I'm looking at BDE code where Append is used with a call to a stored
>procedure to get a gen_id PK, but I'm wondering how IBO does this, or is
>it the same?

No, IBO does it for you. Just include an entry in the GeneratorLinks property of the query


where MYGENERATOR names the generator you want to use.

>Still very new to IB/IBO (and Delphi),

Try out the online FAQ on the IBO web site. It's powered by IBO!


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