Subject RE: [IBO] Refreshing data
Author Riho-Rene Ellermaa
Transaction is tiCommited
Yes, I commited the changes in another tool.

In My Query's BeforeEdit I have the same line:
and when I start editing some field, the record is refreshed with data
changed elsewere.

The HELP said something about refreshing data before first request. So,
maybe I have to request the current records's data somehow more specfically:
For now it's:

int stat=DSource->Dataset->FieldByName("STATUS")->AsInteger;
<------------- shows old value

Riho-Rene Ellermaa
senior programmer

> > I thought this line does it:
> > DSource->Dataset->InvalidateRowNum(DSource->Dataset->RowNum);
> >
> > If not, then what do use? I don't want to refresh whole dataset, but
> > bookmarked items
> That's one for Jason, I get away with Refresh nowadays.

What is your transaction isolation set to?
Did you do a commit in the tool that you made the changes with?

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ <>

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