Subject Re: [IBO] Correct use of transactions for 24x7
> 1. Data is buffered and written to the database only once a second.
> The transaction is opened, data is posted, and the transaction is
> completed with a 'Commit'.
> 2. For data display use the following procedure : open transaction;
> get top 50 records; wait 1 second; close transaction (Commit); open
> transaction; get top 50...
> I would have liked to close the transaction immediately after
> fetching the data, but then the grid data is cleared - any
> suggestions will be appreciated.

Presumably the grid is read only? In which case you do not
need to worry about the transaction. It only becomes a
problem when you have edits. Just use Refresh for the read.
Post the data with a procedure, and use Server Autocomit and
everthing should run very fast.

I don't get up to a sustained rate like yours. but my burst
rate is somewhat faster and does not have a problem. 24/7 on
one site since January.

A new project just coming to completion has a one second
refresh of the supervisor grid, which is read only, and all
is fine.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services