Subject Re: [IBO] export/import
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Vadim (the author) made an IBO native compatible version after some
versions of the TDataset compatible export package. Due to the low
response of the IBO-community he currently stopped the development on
the IBO native version and only worked on TDataset compatible
components. Don't know exactly where the current version for TIB_*
stands but the TDataset version works pretty well in a mixed TIB_*
and TIBO* application. For now I would go with the TDataset version.
I will speak to Vadim, perhaps he will continue the development on
the IBO native stuff!


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> Looked great. What do you mean - outdated? Should I have EMS or
should I
> have EMS for IB_Objects?
> Riho-Rene Ellermaa
> senior programmer
> Hansabank
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> Subject: Re: [IBO] export/import
> Hi all,
> I'm very pleased with the EMS QuickExport package. This export
> is available for native TIB_* components (currently out-dated) and
> for TDataset compatible components. Within my application I use
> TIB_* components for data access and for data export with the EMS
> QuickExport package I use for example TIBOQuery. Works pretty well!
> XML export is also supported!
> You can find EMS QuickExport at http://www.ems-
> <>
> Best Regards
> Thomas Steinmaurer
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