Subject RE: [IBO] Database & Session problem!
Author Kevin Stanton
Might there be a demo project available on this??
This would be an awesome stucture for my app as it is getting quite huge in

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Database & Session problem!

Sorry for being a little vague.

What I mean is to have multiple TIB_Connection components but you can
one physical database handle from one to another. Thus, you can share the
connection across multiple connections and sessions.

Hope this helps.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Database & Session problem!

> What I suggest you do is pass in the connection handle and allow each
> have its own session.
> Look at the dbHandleShared property of the TIB_Connection component.
> HTH,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ
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> Subject: [IBO] Database & Session problem!
> >
> > We develop our applications with BCB5 building one main EXE and many
> > other DLL modules. Prior to use IBO, with BDE we have the same
> > DefaultSession in all my modules but with IBO we have a different
> > Sessions everyone DLLs.
> > At main module we open several databases and then when i want to use
> > this connected databases in other DLL this databases aren't accesible
> > to the querys, i need to create a new database and connect it, and we
> > lose long time.
> > I view a TIB_Session's SetAlternateSession method, can i set a
> > session of query object to session of main module database? how?
> > Any suggestion please, thanks in advance, Mikel - BIGUN, S.L.

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