Subject Re: [IBO] What about IBO for Kylix
Author Lucas Franzen
Jason Wharton schrieb:
> I plan to support Kylix and have been doing quite a bit to support it even
> though I don't have much to show at this point.
> The reason I am taking longer is because where I work, we don't use LINUX
> and my LINUX machine at home I was using kept crashing. I have to do all
> Kylix development in my spare time and so that slows me down some. I had
> network conflicts with my CDROM. The KDE desktop turned out to be really
> flaky and I couldn't keep it up running as much as I needed. So, in short,
> I've been incompetent but things are looking up. I have some people lined up
> to help and at work we are going to use LINUX in the very near future.


Sounds as if you're talking about windows :-)