Subject Re: [IBO] Kylix
Author Paul Schmidt

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Kylix

> Jason can give you more details, but in a previous talk with him he
> told me that IBO will run on Kylix and he is trying to make everything
> ready when Kylix is launched.

Jason said he was porting it, which gives us a big advantage over
lesser tools (like VB). I just wonder what the differences will be
at the porgramming level between Delphi and Kylix. Hopefully it will
be as simple as copying the files over to the Linux box, and re-


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> PS> I got a lovely piece of propoganda from the Folks at Borland, that
> PS> for only $609 I could go to a Kylix seminar. Yes I am interested
> in PS> Kylix, but not THAT interested.
> PS> Question begs, will IBO be Kylix friendly, or made Kylix friendly,
> PS> when Kylix finally comes out?
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