Subject Re: IB_NavigationBar, which button was pressed ?
Thank You the answer,

The reason is that I have a BLOB field with TIFF GROUP 4 images
and I have to show it with other datas on the same form.
I use another data component for the images, which is not IBO
compatible, so I need another dataset for the image datas and I have
to move in this dataset according to the IBO dataset (which displays
other fields).

Thx again


--- In, Harald Klomann <nibler@t...> wrote:
> Or
> if IB_NavigationBar1.FocusedButton = nbFirst then ....
> others are nbJumpBck, nbPrior, nbNext, nbJumpFwd, nbLast
> defined in IB_Navigationbar.pas
> For what purpose you need that ?
> Harald
> nagy.sandor@s... wrote:
> > HI,
> >
> > How can I decide that which button was pressed on the
NavigationBar ?
> > I have to do some special works on different buttons, I tried to
> > do on the AfterAction event, but I only get the Sender there.
> >
> > Thx
> >